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longtime TV writer,
author and blogger.
July 25th, 2011 by Mere Smith

The Washed-Out Lands

First: A big Happy Birthday to my little sister and brother.  You’re lucky I’ve let you live this long.

Second: And now for something completely different.


All photographs © Mark Richardson

As far as last sights went, Sarah could have done worse.

If only her head would stop bleeding.

If only he wasn’t coming back.



Fifty years ago, those idiot humans had known

what they’d trapped.

Fifty more, and there would be no one to remember.

Both of Them counted on it.



The storm approached like vengeance.

The trees went pale and bowed their heads.



Nobody in town could figure out why he kept building onto that place.

But he knew.

More bodies, more room.



And at last,

when winter came to the oasis,

the Frost Nomads redecorated.



What happens

when God

scratches his dandruff.

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