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April 19th, 2012 by saalon

Limited Edition Evil Gal Shirts!




If you check my last post, you’ll understand what the deal is with these t-shirts.

Aside from the wicked cool origin story, however, the bottom line is:

these shirts are fabz and you know you want one, Bubba.


Please note:

these limited-edition shirts are


(Hence the phrase,  “limited-edition.”)


If you take a picture of yourself wearing this shirt,

I will post your photo — in all your Evil glory — right smack here on this site.

It’s like being famous!

(On a really, really unfamous person’s blog.  Woo!)


For the record, I’ll be making exactly zero dollars on this lark,

and I am personally paying for your shipping and handling,

just because I think you’re fucking rad.


Price will be dependent on the total number of shirts of ordered

(more shirts = less expensive)

but definitely won’t exceed $20 – $25,

so do everyone (and yourself) a favor and order at least three or four or a hundred.


(Oh, and btw, immediate family: I know how many people are in your households

so you’d best order a shirt for every person

or Christmas this year will be really fucking awkward.)


13 Responses to “Limited Edition Evil Gal Shirts!”
  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I’ll wear mine for a race too if I ever achieve race-ability this year. :)

  2. I ordered an extra one for our CSTSVancouver auction or prize – perhaps the Evil Laugh Contest. *nods*

    • You’re having an Evil Laugh contest? Dammit, why is Vancouver so far away? I could *totally* win that! And… get… my… shirt back. Yeah, I should’ve thought that one through first.

    • Lioness says

      Great idea Samatwitch! Maybe Mere could sign it…….

  3. Hey, Mere, Vancouver isn’t that far away – less than three hours by plane. (I know, I made my reservations this weekend!) 😀 If I were rich, I would totally fly you up, but doesn’t look as if it will happen in time for this year’s CSTS. :( You need to write for a series that films up here, then you’d have a legitimate business reason to come up.

    Signing it would be good, Lioness. Mere says she has a pen. 😉

  4. peridot2 says

    Oh, crap. I missed it. :-/ Rats.

  5. Apr03Kylie Great video Chad, all those images work so well teoethgr! If you want a piece of music for the next video, let me know (we have a few piano pieces that I think would work brilliantly!)

  6. O link é maior, copiei e colei, mas… num apareceu todo, de qualquer forma acho que no super dowloads a pessoa ainda encontra, baixei agora a pouco.

  7. Tack för snälla, fina kommentarer hos mig! Här finns det mycket att kolla igenom ser jag :)Vad kul att du också har en Axel, väldigt fint namn tycker jag. Och tranorna kan jag rekommendera, kanske tar ett tag i början men när man fått kläm på det så går det undan att vika.Trevlig lördag!

  8. Anche io mi sono persa la diretta sul blog. Però l’ho letto ora e ci sono tante risposte interessanti. Anche io sono molto curiosa dei testi bellissimi del commento ma come fate: quando realizzate le riprese tu già sai cosa dirà la voce? A volte sembra che vi parlate in diretta ed è molto divertente. E le immagini vengono decise di conseguenza? Scusami Vincenzo ma sono molto curiosa perché sogno di fare anche io documentari come voi! Complimenti, siete bravissimi

  9. Continuen essent la meva banda sonora preferida malgrat el pas del temps.En les seves cançons hi trobo el consòl que molts cops el dia a dia me’n priva.

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