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June 7th, 2012 by Mere Smith

Team Evil Gal Shirts Are Here!



Coming soon to a mailbox near you… in fact, really near you… at your very own domicile.

Just to prove we know where you live.

And the first EvilCreepy photo we have of an Asylum member wearing one?

Shirts! Excited! Cumberbatch mask! Horrified!


This, of course, would be my Webmaster-Slash-Bitch, @saalon, King of All T-Shirts — befouling the visage of my beloved Batch.

Can’t wait ’til the rest of y’all get these.  Remember: take a photo of yourself wearing the shirt and doing something creepy or evil (um, no death or torture involved, please — I’m very territorial when it comes to my hobbies), and I’ll post it here on the blog.

I’m even gonna (have my W/B) make a special blogwall where we can archive all your EvilCreepy photos!

Shirts should be out to you sometime in the next week or so.  Canadians, you might have to wait a little longer since, y’know, you live in Canadia, which I think is a country, but may also be an uninhabited island in the Pacific.  I’m American, so I don’t really know for sure.  At school they de-funded Geography so we could concentrate on the important things, like preventing “the gays” from giving each other gold rings.

Hopefully, wearing these shirts will be just like getting married…



19 Responses to “Team Evil Gal Shirts Are Here!”
  1. NYPinTA says

    Do I have to make any vows? I’m pretty much crap at “honor” or “obey”.

    • “Honor” and “Obey” are highly overrated. I feel like “Try not to behead” and “Don’t spike smoothies with antifreeze” are fully satisfactory.

  2. I’m still debating with myself whether to bring mine to LA. I don’t *currently* plan on doing anything evil/creepy while I’m there. 😉

  3. Trying to think of something evil to do with our shirts. Thinking of bath salts and looking for the homeless….you know a family type of thing.

  4. […] few months ago, I had a custom shirt (bearing the logo of that high-functioning sociopath who won’t stop tormenting me) made with the […]

  5. Even more sorry I missed this opportunity now. Curses!

    • Don’t you worry, Carole — eventually I’ll come up with some other harebrained scheme to make no money off of. Have faith!

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  9. hpw'd you get so many different faces from her? excellent, i like that they look like hi definition can i say that without sounding like a photography mooron?

  10. det er så koselig å være på besøk hos deg. liker alle lysene du tenner og bildene du tar er så flotte. veldig bra kamera eller? utrolig levende bilder i alle fall.ønsker deg ei flott helg, selv om ryggen streiker, ta deg en cognac i kaffen, ja i kaffen og ikke vedsiden av, så føler du deg bedre ;o)

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  14. I love these comments…. especially because on my blog they post them to things that aren’t articles but episodes. so its a bunch of link and the audio and they tell me I write well… the only thing I’e found to stop them is the captcha, or you can try to disable all comments not funneled through OpenID, I think there is a plugin to do just that

  15. How do you use this bow maker? Is there a video that shows you how? I can figure out how you wrap it, but how do you get it off once it’s tied? Your bows look terrific….I make my own cards and would love to know how this tool works.

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