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July 25th, 2012 by Mere Smith

The Winners of the Tournament of Evil! (!!!)

And now, with no further ado (at least, no more ado than the two weeks’ ado it’s already taken me), here are the winners of the Team Evil Gal Limited Edition T-Shirt Contest, also known as:


Drumroll, please:


Get your funky groove on, Monkey!


FIRST PLACE goes to…



by @Lionnesss

::wild applause::


Congratulations, @Lionnesss!  Among our judges’ responses were:

“That is Fucked. Up.”

“I’m not sleeping for a week.”

Why does it have to have teeth!???!”


RUNNER UP goes to…


Clownchild Tea Party

by @aboleyn 

::more wild applause::


Congratulations, @aboleyn!  Among our judges’ responses were:

“Stolen from Tim Burton’s family photo album.”

“Really nice set dec.  Upsetting, but nice!”

“I love that (Mom? Dad?) enlisted their kid for this.  Children are frightening.”

(I particularly liked that last comment.  Children are frightening.  The clown wig just makes it worse.)




As @Lionnesss has topped the very pinnacle of Creepy Evil, she has first choice between:

This Sherlock In-Joke T-Shirt, designed by JeffBowan over at redbubble.com

Just a warning — whoever takes this from me, I plan to resent you for a couple days.




A $25 Gift Certificate to BlackJack Inc., the site for all things Jim Benton, who does (among other enterprises) Happy Bunny:

I own this shirt.  Feign surprise.  FEIGN IT, SISSY!


Runner Up @aboleyn will be receiving @Lionnesss‘ leftovers.  But thankfully, these are the good kind of leftovers, like leftover homemade chocolate-chip cookies!   Yum!

Winners can contact me through Twitter (@EvilGalProds), and your prizes will be sent to you in a quasi-timely fashion.  (For once, probably more timely than quasi-, since I have to hit the Post Office in the next few days anyway.)

Thank you to all who participated, and please feel free to keep sending in your Creepy Evil photos — as long as they don’t depict child or animal abuse (adult abuse? meh. probably had it coming.) I’ll post them on the Creepy Evil Wall of Shame.

And who doesn’t love a good public Shaming?

This is America, people!


11 Responses to “The Winners of the Tournament of Evil! (!!!)”
  1. Yay! Congratulations to Lionnnesss, aboleyn, and everyone who sent some truly awesome pictures in! This was a blast to watch, and I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did. Except. Mere. Who I hope is somehow miserable about this all.

  2. I am cackling my best evil laugh right now as we speak. I can’t wait for Evil Clown Girl to get home from clown camp to see her triumph. Thanks and many congrats to Lioness for a well deserved win.

  3. Congratulations, Lioness & Aboleyn! Well-deserved – very creepy, indeed! Now we will have to have pictures of each of you in your prize-winning t-shirts. :)

  4. Oh my. I’m just, well I don’t, I can’t….
    I’d like to thank my poor doll, who is still traumatized by the photo shoot, Eric & Quoter Gal who made the shirt and of course, Mere, The Evil Gal herself, for making this all possible.
    I’ll take the gift certificate!

    Thank you!

  5. A doll winner. Me likes, especially its lower teeth. Cheers to you for hosting such an odd and entertaining contest.

  6. Carissa says

    The best thing about BOTH winners? BOTH CONTAIN DOLLS. You all rock. Twistedly, but well played, both!!

  7. I also think I should’ve gotten an honorable mention for doing the *first* EvilGal shirt photo using a Creepy Doll, and thus inspiring the 1st place winner – RazorBaby and SwordBaby.

    Cash will be fine. ; ]

  8. peridot2 says

    WHAT is that TERRIFYING dark thing on the right in Clown Child’s photograph? I’ll never be able to sleep again! IT’S COMING FOR ME!

    i’m scared…

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