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September 5th, 2012 by Mere Smith

Oh Shit! Now She’s On Tumblr!

Since I know y’all just can’t get enough of the slimy tangled fleshy snake-things that comprise my brain, I’ve opened a Tumblr account to backlog all the potentially-useful weirdness I come across on my Intertube journeys.

Some of it I’m saving for inspiration for a writing-related rainy day, some of it I made myself, and some of it is just me going


(Because filling The GallerSQUEE! with too many Batch pictures is just… creepy.  Splitting up my obsession into two different websites, on the other hand… totally normal.  Right?  Right?).

So far I’ve been posting about one or two Tumblr foundlings a day.  I didn’t want to announce it here until I had at least a month’s worth of browsiness for y’all to look through.  Some of you who follow me closely (hey! that’s up my ass, and that’s a little too close, motherfucker!) on Twitter or G+ will have seen a few of these treasures, but for the most part, I’ve tried to keep the entries separate from my other media platforms.

The gameplan is to Tweet The Masses when I’ve posted a new Tumblr entry, but if you miss my siren’s call on The Twitters, you can always just check my Tumblr site itself.  A link can also now be found at the top of my homepage, unless my Webmaster-Slash-Bitch has fallen down on the job (literally), due to his excessive drinking.

Hope you enjoy what’s inside The Evil!


3 Responses to “Oh Shit! Now She’s On Tumblr!”
  1. Like I can’t do my damn job from on the ground. The laptop falls with me. Or on me. Same same.

  2. Modwild says

    I’m on there too. I’ll just re tumble your shit because I so do not understand that site. It’s like porn for idiots. Not that you are an idiot. We who love you must be. 😉

    • I use it as an online scrapbook, really — keeping images I like, ideas I’m inspired by, the little scraps and orts of life that eventually wend their way into my writing. It’s like having an extra hard drive outside my head, to save all the stuff I might ordinarily forget.

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