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September 27th, 2013 by Mere Smith

WOTS You Missed…

So to be perfectly honest, after two solid months of working on books, I’m a little worded-out.

Instead, here are some pictures (1,000 words a pop, mind you — I may be tired, but I’m not cheap), to share our experience at…


The night before, dinner at The Harlem Underground (excellent jambalaya!)…


Left to right, @EvilGalProds, @saalon, @Lionnesss, @onikaze, his friend Carolyn, and @LWQuestie 


Later that night, picking a GRAND PRIZE WINNER@OnOneCondition!


The next day dawned cold and windy.  Pre-set-up…


BAH-KOW! Post-set-up…


Our lovely Toronto tour guide, @Lionnesss, in her limited edition EGP “Welcome To The Asylum” shirt…


Next three pictures by @NYPinTA




Lots of readers, and one Crazy Cthulubunny Guy…


Now imagine this stretching on for over a mile…


Our special You Have Lipstick On Your Teeth section, edited by @TheBeardedIris


Me signing books, Eric decapitated… just the way I like it.


Look, Ma! Groupies! (left to right, @Lionnesss, @NYPinTA, and @LWQuestie)


Me ‘n’ Demoncow reppin’ the 310 in Moose Country…


(photo by @Lionnesss)


After it was all over, the exhaustion set in…


…until we got back to the Airbnb condo, grabbed some take-out, and started planning the next phase of our global media empire!


Don’t be fooled by the smiles. We hate each other. No, seriously. (Is anyone still buying this?)

Last but definitely most, here’s a more personal video my dearest Finance put together of our Toronto trip. Yes, that is him, and yes, he is always that weird. Can you imagine anyone more perfect for me?

(Note the continuous Travel Bitchface I wear whenever I’m near/in an airport. Poor Finance.)


16 Responses to “WOTS You Missed…”
  1. Chris Sipple says

    Mere – I am extremely disturbed at your apparent bliss viewing the visual decapitation of my son, Eric. But even more so, I am intrigued by your “dearest FINANCE”. Is he a banker/broker, or are you engaged to be married? Seriously, congrats to you and Eric for literally (or is that literacy???) doing the Bob and Doug McKenzie thing and taking off to the Great White North. All the best.

    • Mere Smith says

      C – I understand your disturbance, but unfortunately, your son and I are sworn blood enemies. Luckily, you and I are not – so would you like to join my side? And yes, the Finance is actually my fiancé – but when I’m between Hollywood gigs, he’s the one who keeps the lights on… hence, The Finance. And thank you so much for the encouraging words!

      • Chris Sipple says

        Well…I cannot join your side, as my allegiance is sealed in (not sworn enemy) blood, and genes, (though mine are entirely suspect). Seriously, all the best, and hope one day we get to meet.

        • Mere Smith says

          If I can’t shake loose of your son, I’m sure one day we will meet. So I apologize in advance.

  2. Love the pictures and the video, but why is there a demon bunny in the middle of the latter???

    • Mere Smith says

      I have a feeling I know to which demon bunny you’re referring – and it’s not any of the ones we were selling at the table, is it? Well, THAT particular demon bunny was a painting hung in bathroom of the Airbnb condo we stayed in, and I was sorely tempted to steal it. I’m still sorta sad that I didn’t, even though that would’ve made me an international art thief. (Aw, man, now I’m sad that I’m not an international art thief.)

      • I’m sure that picture made for a relaxing sleep!! It is disappointing that you didn’t take the opportunity to be an international art thief, but then you wouldn’t have been able to come back to Canada!! Oh, no.

  3. Awesome dude, so proud of you

  4. Love the video! Makes me feel like I was right there with you. Looks like an amazing event and such a pretty area. Thanks for representin’ your Lipstick Sisters! And hi Eric!

  5. Roger Smith says

    I was thoroughly impressed by the warm weather, T-shirts, shorts and bathing suits everyone was wearing … wait, that must be the other video I watched … MERE DOES DALLAS AND OTHER LITERARY CITIES SOUTH OF TORONTO!!! Outside of the icicles hanging off the eyelashes you two looked like you were having fun and networking in French … hope so! Overall, how did the festival go?

    • Mere Smith says

      Hi Dad! Well, I was going to wear my bathing suit, then I remembered that hypothermia was a thing — so I went with two shirts, two pairs of pants, a scarf and a giant hoodie instead. As for touring the lower states, are you trying to sabotage my Southern sobriety? I went to a really good 12-step program to quit that shit. And the festival went great! Big sales, lots of laughs… then travel, fatigue, and the loss of my ability to attain verticality. But I like it here on the floor. Wish The Finance would sweep more often, though…

  6. Amazing pics. Seems like the hard work paid off.

    • Mere Smith says

      Thanks! I should’ve credited each individual photo, but was too worn out. So there’s ones from me, The Finance, @Lionnesss, @NYPinTA, and @saalon. Naturally, the ones that look the worst are @saalon’s. And it was totally worth the hard work — the first step’s always the hardest!

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