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April 10th, 2014 by Mere Smith

Unlike Scatman Crothers, I Made It Out Of The Overlook


I learned how to do that – the whole inhale, exhale thing – while I was up in Washington the past few months.

It’s not always easy to breathe in L.A.

Sure, there’s the smog and the choking pretentiousness of your fellow man, but sometimes the city itself sits heavy on the chest. The deals, the traffic, the people. Makes it hard to get air in. You small-sip it, never noticing how each sip gets smaller – until suddenly you’re Giles Corey being pressed to death – SPLAT.

L.A. was SPLATting me.

So I went to stay in a small cabin on a small hill, 20 minutes outside a small town, in order to write a spec script, which I did… minus a couple unfinished scenes I’m still battling like some fucking Game Of Thrones character who won’t die: the Beric Dondarrion of scripts. (That one was for you, bro.) However, spec aside, I found a lot more than I expected in that cabin – a lot more than I expected in me – like how to finally



Deeply. Fully.

I’ll write about my experiences soon. For now they’re still fermenting in the old brain juice – and as the ancient philosopher Orson Welles once said, “Ye shall blog no whine before its tyme.” He was a weird guy.

But other things press!

(If you hadn’t already noticed, this post’s gonna ramble. I am an out of practice blogger – which intellectually is, like, one step above coral – and I got a lot of ground to cover, so give a bitch a break.)

First let’s talk about this:



That’s right, ladies and germos,

APRIL 12 – 13

I will be at

BOOTH 157 – BOOTH 157 – BOOTH 157

(I call that “cheap 3-D”: 3-Damn Times)

UCLA alums, I have already offered to lay down cover fire if shit gets real.

Naturally, I’ll be accompanied in this endeavor by my fellow author and co-founder of The Asylum Collective (unclench! I’ll get there!), Eric Sipple – also known as my webmaster-slash-bitch, aka W/B, aka Sippy Cup.

And yeah, I do call him Sippy Cup. He still answers my texts. Who’s got the low self-esteem now, YOU SIXTH-GRADE BITCHES?

Whoa. Middle-school flashback.

Point is, this weekend I’m gonna be in downtown Los Angeles shilling books, motherfuckers –



like the one right up there

plus this one down here



and this next one too, which I only wrote 2% of but

was edited by Leslie Marinelli, publishing mogul extraordinaire



These are all really fun books – ones I swear you won’t regret reading unless you’re really trying to be an asshole – and if you’re nice – or even better, if you’re not – I’ll sign them for you! That’s right! Totally ruin a brand new book by scrawling my stupid name in it – I will DO that shit for you, man – because you’re my friend, faceless anonymous blog reader!

I can’t speak for Eric, though, who will be shamelessly flogging his own book like a sad old hooker with tits to her toes. Just don’t throw pennies at him this time, okay? It’s mean and it makes him cry. And being mean and making him cry is my job.

Speaking of which, earlier I mentioned The Asylum Collective, and you were like, “Whaaaat?” and I was like, “Unclench! I’ll get there!” and now we’re here.


Eric and I have been kicking an idea back and forth for a little over a year, and in the next few paragraphs, I’m going to give you the smallest amount of information I can get away with without someone going, “Well why the fuck did you bring it up?”

The Asylum Collective really started coming together after I wrote this.

I hadn’t intended for that blog post to become some sort of art manifesto – actually, I’m pretty sure it’s still not a manifesto, since I don’t know how to write a manifesto; rather surprisingly, there was no Manifesto Writing course at Brown – but through the process of writing that post, a bunch of nebulous stuff I’d been turning around in my head suddenly clarified. Thoughts about art and social media, the nature of inspiration and collaboration between artists, the currently-shifting rubrics for cultural gatekeepers.

The Asylum Collective will be a website.

And yet it will be so much more than a website.

We’re months away from launch – hell, with our schedules, maybe several, several months – but we knew the project was a fucking behemoth from the jump, and we’re not going anywhere. We hope you stick around, too.

For those of you who don’t know, the very name, The Asylum Collective, comes from the imaginary “asylum” I run on my Twitter account (@EvilGalProds) – the joke being, of course, that you’d have to be crazy to follow me.  So the Asylum is already in existence in one platform – we’re just going to build an expansive new wing – where you can draw on the walls.

But if I told you any more, I’d have to lobotomize you.


16 Responses to “Unlike Scatman Crothers, I Made It Out Of The Overlook”
  1. Michael Mayo says

    I’m going to be there too with my book, “The Adventures of Alex Walker”. I’ll stop by and say hello.

  2. Michelle (BroknWing) says

    I can’t wait to see the Asylum Collective in its full glory. :-)

    • Mere Smith says

      It’s gonna take a while, but I’m looking forward to full glory, too!

    • So that’s the case? Quite a revlaetion that is.

    • I never really thought about the girth on a Twinkie in that way.Is it a crime to say I’m looking forward to eating at the Cousin Tim’s (my Grandma-in-law was a Horton and always says that when she passes by what I formerly called Timmy’s) where was I? Oh, the Tim’s at the ice rink in Columbus. Erik will be there next month for a sled hockey festival. Can you eat bark with braces? Probably not. Don’t share the recipe with me-I can’t artfully swirl anything to save my soul.Great job on 3.2–you’re really doing this the right way for you!

    • spending contracted by 0.6 percent after falling even more steeply by 1 percent in October. Incomes contracted by 0.2 percent after a slight 0.1 percent gain in October, reflecting the strain that rising unemployment is putting on Americans’ ability to spend.

    • Two words explains why his a$$ is not good in H50 – Cargo Pants.For the love of god, put McG in tight fitting jeans, or nothing at all !

    • I was roommates with Loren in college and I remember the exact day she came home from class to tell me about the cute guy she had bumped into… who knew years later that guy would turn out to be her future husband! I am so happy for them, and love that you were able to capture such a beautiful moment. These are just lovely!

  3. Damn! Things be happening. This is very exciting.
    Glad you got a chance to blow out the cobwebs and cobspiders.

    • Mere Smith says

      I blew out the cobwebs. Then made Eric eat the cobspiders. Which honestly, was the best part of the Festival.

  4. I’m glad you had a successful and productive time away – and didn’t get eaten by a bear! Or get caught in the mudslide!

    Congratulations on your newest venture. I hope you had a lovely and successful weekend.

    • Mere Smith says

      It was a very productive time – not only for writing, but for sorting out my head and what’s really important to me. Frankly, it was two of the best months of my life.

      And yes, this weekend at the Festival Of Books went fantastic. Thanks for your good wishes, sammies!

  5. Mete, I totally missed this blog from April: duh, me. Breathing is good. I’m for it.

    And hoo & rah for The Asylum Collective. However and whoever and whatever we collect.

  6. And fuck me for my typo in your name.

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