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January 10th, 2016 by Mere Smith

The Year of Blogging: 1-10-16

After five years, I’ve finally started blocking people on Twitter.



I know, I know, I’m super late to the party – but now that I’m here, I ain’t leaving ’til the music stops and the lights go on. I’mma shut this muthafucka DOWN, y’all. But if you’re wondering why it took me so long to get here…

I don’t mind dissenting opinions. In fact, I appreciate them, count on them, as they often help me clarify my own position or (sometimes – gasp!) even change my mind. I realize this is a strange concept vis-à-vis the Internet – lots of people like to stay in their comfy hidey-hole and never be challenged – and god knows I can still crawl in there myself, when the world’s insanity is so incredibly loud there’s no other way to turn it down (helllllo, Trump). But in general, differing opinions never threatened me much – I guess because I was such an opinionated bitch to begin with. (Or at least, that’s what Hollywood has been telling me ever since I got here. Luckily, fuck them.) I think that’s what delayed my arrival to the Block Party – somehow I’d decided people spouting rando shit at me on Twitter was just the price I paid for not living in an echo chamber.

But it’s a brand new year, with brand new decisions to make, and here’s the latest:

I am no longer willing to expend my emotional labor in edifying, pacifying, or engaging people whose sole purpose, it seems, is pointless shit-stirring. I don’t know what kind of college you go to for that, but let me tell you, some of the folks I’ve dealt with must have fucking master’s degrees in Shit Physics.

To return to the party metaphor, I never realized how much time I spent simply enduring the boor in the corner, allowing him to monopolize my time, preventing me from talking to my friends, from discovering new ideas – simply because I was too busy trying to convince the boor that, hey, maybe you could try, I don’t know, not being a boor? Wouldn’t that be great?

But now, my shrink would be thrilled to know that I have finally reached the realization that Boors gonna boor – and it’s not my responsibility to transform them into thoughtful, productive human beings. Nor should I feel bad for drawing a No Boors Allowed circle around myself. I can still take in and debate dissenting opinion – but what I don’t have to do is sit there and let a boor yap at me when he actually (🙄) has nothing substantive to say. From now on, I’m not gonna walk away from him – I’m gonna boot his ass out of the party.

I’ve blocked three people so far this year.

And I’ve still got my dancing shoes on.

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