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Mere Smith
is a recovering Southerner,
longtime TV writer,
author and blogger.
January 29th, 2016 by Mere Smith

The Year of Blogging: 1-29-16

been sitting here five minutes not knowing what to write. completely brain-dead. started barest of work on next project, organization only. can’t let myself enter that mindframe yet when THE NOVEL’s tone is so different. still, feels nice to have another outlet, another signpost on the road that says This Way Forward. i can get a certain tunnel vision when it comes to my work, sometimes to my detriment. it’s as if i’m afraid if i turn away even for an instant, all my hard work will crumble into dust – as if i’m keeping it alive through sheer force of ATTENTION. but then i try to remind myself, you have to be open to receiving at the same time you’re producing – after all, you need fuel for the creative fire keeping you warm through those cold dark nights of the soul. and whether you find that fuel in noodling around another idea, or watching a movie, or taking a walk (i’d avoid it; you have to go outdoors), i guess as long as you feel confident enough to be able to look away – even for an instant – that’s a good sign.

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