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January 6th, 2016 by Mere Smith

The Year of Blogging: 1-6-16

1/6/16 – only time we’ll get to do that all year

yesterday’s entry kind of freaked me out ’cause i spent time doing the THING – the writing THING. the editing thing, the make-a-pretty-thing THING. too much thinking, not enough writing loose. maybe ’cause the rest of the writing day was crappy, i wanted to control and mold at least one THING – but this blog is not that.

i have to remind myself: this is not that.

so downshifting into disjointed life bites…

i’ve been playing this game called “Prune” on my iPad (someday soon i’m going to write an entire entry extolling the beauty of my new fucking gorgeous iPad Pro, a Christmas gift – but i still have loads more things i want to try on it first). i read an article about Prune somewhere online; they said it was low-pressure and kind of meditative, which are two things i figure i could probably use more of, so i shelled out the three bucks to our Corporate Apple Overlords and started playing.

the music’s very soothing – kind of Ambient Zen Garden, if you can hear it – and the game itself is calming, too: after all, you’re pruning trees. that’s it. that’s the game. pruning trees. sure, there are obstacles to get around, but there’s no running or jumping or shooting or accumulation of wealth or points.

i’m liking it a lot.

i think my favorite feature of the game, though, is the ability to take a screenshot after you’ve completed a level – as sometimes your  tree’s winding growth can be quite beautiful.

here’s a tree from tonight.



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