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February 15th, 2016 by Mere Smith

The Year of Blogging: 2-15-16

Writing in the morning today (as opposed to the evenings, when I usually get here), hoping to maybe limber up the old frontal lobe. Went to the gym this morning and came out feeling like I was on Xanax. Don’t get me wrong, endorphins usually FTW, but I nearly carried my dirty gym clothes into Starbucks, so clearly I’m a little foggier than usual.

Had a nice weekend. Valentine’s Day was especially awesome – not because we went out and had a fancy dinner, but because my beloved actually drove to the fancy restaurant and got our meals to go. (INFINITELY BETTER than getting dressed up, slapping on the war paint, and sitting in a room full of strangers.) So we got to eat our fancy food curled up on our comfy couch watching a movie.



art by Nidhi Chanani

Granted, that movie was “Bridge of Spies” – not the most romantic flick, but we’re running out of screeners.

Can I just say something about “Bridge of Spies,” though?


I get it – historical accuracy, blah blah – but I’m pretty sure I never saw a *single* actor or actress of color with a line. Also, here for your reading pleasure is a list of every credited female role in the movie:




It’d be funny if it weren’t so goddamn depressing. I mean, SPIELBERG. The one man in town who could literally do anything he wants – anything – “Spielberg” and “yes” are always said in the same breath – and this is what he gives women?

UPDATE: I just posted this list on Twitter and got swarmed by Historical Accuracy Bros insisting that it was TOTALLY CORRECT to only focus on the white men because HISTORY. (Ignoring, perhaps, that there might be more than one side to a story? Hmmm.) The good news is, I’ve already implemented my New Year’s Resolution and kicked out the boors at the party. Buh-bye-block, Bros. Go back to your monomaniacal little circle jerk of hatred.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Okay, I feel limber enough to go write now.

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