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March 21st, 2016 by Mere Smith

The Year of Blogging: 3-21-16

Obviously I can’t be trusted to miss a single day of blogging, as it leads to subsequent days of missed blogging.

FUCK I forgot to blog



Trying to look at this NOT as a “failure” – though it’s tough to do, as I often set goals for myself, and if I don’t hit them I feel like, “Uggghhh why are you such a useless bag of flesh???” Though that reminds me of something a longtime pal once said after I made a “useless bag of flesh” joke at my own expense.

She said, “Don’t talk that way about my friend.”

It was an instant eye-opener. I realized I’d never call any of my friends “useless bags of flesh” – why did I think it was fine to say shit like that about myself?

Now I hear it in my head (“Don’t talk that way about my friend.”) every time I make self-deprecating jokes. I check myself to make sure I’m not being self-deprecating as a response to insecurity or perceived inadequacies. Which…. I’m totally doing here about missing a couple days of blogging. So we’re gonna knock that ish off right now.

P.S. Pam Grier retweeted me last night. Figured I’d mitigate all that self-deprecation by letting you know MY LIFE IS DOPE.

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