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April 11th, 2016 by Mere Smith

The Year of Blogging: 4-11-16


Been a while since I was here.

(Comparatively speaking, that is. I didn’t blog shit in 2015.)

Tell you the truth, I don’t even really know what happened the last few days. The two-week push in March, followed by a week of the flu and its aftermath (Q: How many gallons of phlegm can one head hold? A: Infinite. Infinite gallons.) left me feeling… ugh. Like, I’ve been working my ass off to be disciplined and motivated and consistent, and I think my brain finally went JESUS FUCKING CHRIST CAN WE JUST HAVE SOME TIME OFF PLEASE? And to be clear, of the four days I haven’t written here, I’ve written THE NOVEL on three of them. So maybe I just needed a break from telling you about it, Dear Nonexistent Reader. From being accountable to anyone but myself. And after all, how many “I’m working/I’m exhausted/I’m crying from insecurity” gifs can one girl post?

But I’m back on track now.

Hit the gym this morning for the first time since Mar. 31 – and oy. Could only run about a mile and a quarter before my knees were all, Hi! The fuck you think you’re doing? It’s the way I sit at my desk when I write, cross-legged or shifted to one side with a foot in the chair. I could probably kill a chiropractor out of sheer fright. When I run and do yoga regularly, all those knee tendons get stretchy and happy. Two weeks without? I age 40 years and start thinking, My bones are porous and will inevitably crumble like years-old Pez.

Okay, that’s it. That’s all you get today. I PROMISE I’ll be back tomorrow…



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