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April 18th, 2016 by Mere Smith

The Year of Blogging: 4-18-16

Went to bed thinking about last night’s blog post.

It’s true, I didn’t write on Sunday – but I did do 3 hours of research for the Autumn Project (something I’ll be sharing very soon – on a day when I have enough time to do it justice). Thus technically I didn’t take a day off –

– so why did I still feel guilty?

It’s a weird thing, being an artist. I feel like if I’m not working towards creating something almost every minute of the day, I’m being lazy, wasting the time and life I’ve been given. Granted, not having a paycheck at the moment has definitely intensified those feelings – but they were already there. They’ve always been there. I keep telling myself – and you, Dear Nonexistent Reader – on this blog that IT’S OKAY TO TAKE A BREAK. That breathers are necessary – vital – to keep the creative juices flowing. Which I believe, absolutely, 100%.



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  1. I’m rooting for you.

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