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May 12th, 2016 by Mere Smith

The Year of Blogging: 5-12-16

Dammit. Fell asleep on the couch again last night (poor Finance, I am The Most Uninteresting Girlfriend In The World right now; also I drool when I sleep, which is super sexy). Woke up at 12:15 a.m., but for some bizarre reason in my head, it’s “cheating” if I post after midnight. Thus no blog yesterday.

Today’s blog: a lot on my mind. Still writing, but also having meetings on The Autumn Project, while keeping an eye on The Long Game.

Christ, I write like I’m in the fucking CIA.

Okay. At the start of 2016, I created a “slate” of projects to complete by year’s end.

  • The Spec
  • The Horror Movie
  • The Autumn Project
  • The Long Game

THE NOVEL‘s self-evident.

The Spec is the “Elementary” script I never finished because I started development on my most-recent (and now dearly-departed) TV show. Considering my plans for this year, it isn’t terribly necessary – but for me, an unfinished spec is a splinter, a mosquito bite, itching, nagging. And given it’ll likely be the only time I write for Sherlock Holmes (my favorite literary character), to not finish it feels like a goddamn waste of a golden opportunity. (Ironically, in the BBC’s “Sherlock”, he and Moriarty have an exchange about J.S. Bach’s inability to live with an unfinished melody. I was like, I get that.)

The Horror Movie is… take a wild guess. Broke the story years ago, want to write and sell the script.

The Autumn Project is… big. It’s, like, REAL BIG. And as I’ve mentioned before, I’m gonna need some time to figure out how to talk about it here. Bear with me.

The Long Game is… a multi-platform universe that takes us into 2017.


…I passed out on the couch.


P.S. Yes, yes, YES, I am terrified to lay out my plans here. YES. People in the industry get hysterical and wide eyed: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T LAY OUT YOUR PLANS! KEEP THEM SECRET! DON’T TELL ANYONE! Because what if you fail? (Gasp! Like the majority of the white dudes who are still constantly employed?) What if I take a flying leap on all of these projects and end up looking like a total asshole? What then? Well, then, worst case scenario… I’ll look like an asshole, I guess. Difference is, I’ll be an asshole who believed in myself enough to take a bunch of big fucking shots.


Obviously, I can sleep at night.

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