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September 28th, 2016 by Mere Smith

The Year of Blogging: 9-28-16

i went swimming (as exercise) for the first time today. I did 10 laps!


4 Responses to “The Year of Blogging: 9-28-16”
  1. Yes, Mindy, please do! That’s what I’m hoping stories like these will do: encourage the (ubsnrdtandaely) fearful that His promises can be trusted. I really need to put more of this kind of post back up for that purpose.When I came this close to sitting on a curb, homeless, He kept doing the most amazing things. I had to trust and obey, though, to see them. Thanks for stopping back and offering this encouragement!

  2. Stan, I agree, Catholicism especially and Christians generally are not “young earth” people, scientific thought is much more realistic.I was talking to Henry and his “algore” and sea levels rising. Unfortunately a lot came in between, I really must get the indentation right or at least nominate the time and sender.

  3. Kerry Hetzel – Oh Karen, your blog makes my heart sing! What a beautiful summers evening it was and you could not have captured our little family more perfectly. I am forever in your debt. Thankyou for being such a beautiful person and superbly talented photographer xoxox

  4. two-week vacation in Nicaragua. My fiancé’s family lives in Nicaragua and since our engagement we thought it would be appropriate for me to meet the whole gang. What better way to meet a large

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