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Recently Eaten Books



11/22/63 — Stephen King

So it’s a long read, I won’t lie — but the way King writes (colloquially, emphasis on character’s inner monologue, unique salient details so you don’t get bogged in endless description) makes it fly by.  It’s a long build-up — hell, practically the whole book is build-up — and when the climax happens, it happens so quickly you have to go back and read it a couple times (at least, I did) to feel satisfied, but the denouement feels right, and good — though perhaps just a teeny bit incomplete, like a tub of Cool Whip that someone’s already taken a scoop out of.  And you’re really pissed ’cause you love Cool Whip.  But a great book, overall.

The Hunger Games — Suzanne Collins

Yes, finally got on the bandwagon.  And now I can see why there’s a bandwagon.  Loved Kat and Peeta, the whole decadent/silly/revolting Capitol milieu — and can’t wait to get to Catching Fire and Mockingjay.  As a writer, I thought the plotting was awesome: it kicks off so fast, and keeps moving, moving, moving… more than once I thought to myself, “I gotta learn how to do this.”


Tokyo Vice — Jake Adelstein

The true story of a gaijin reporter working for the Yomiuri Shinbun, Japan’s biggest newspaper — covering the yakuza beat.

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