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Creepy Evil Wall of Shame

Cumbermask by @saalon


Razorbaby by @quotergal


Swordbaby by @quotergal


Gorgeous @grace_phipps, shot by @AndyReaser.  Granted, this is just badass, not creepy, but if you had a picture of La Phipps in YOUR t-shirt, you’d post it, too.


Clownchild Tea Party by @aboleyn


An Ode To Evil Stepmotherie: Pusherella by @lademoriel


The Human Kewpie. Morgan Morello shot by @AndyReaser.


Hung by @Lionnesss


Frankentoast, Devil Bacon, and Mr. Vampire Toast! by @samatwitch


Neither creepy nor evil. Simply AWESOME. By my very own Finance.


Okay: Creepy AND Evil.  Also by The Finance.


@letloverule42 tries to talk a zombie out of eating her.


@letloverule42  Clearly, it didn’t work.


Devil Baby Landon wants an Evil Popsicle.  @Cryptonym730


Devil Baby Landon in his swirling Satanic robes… @Cryptonym730




@alyssajanel13 proves she can outdistance the orderlies.


2 Responses to “Creepy Evil Wall of Shame”
  1. […] 1. How To Enter.  Either send your pics to me via Twitter @EvilGalProds, or post a link to it here in the comments.  It will immediately (where “immediately” means “as soon as I can get to it, Mr. Pushypants”) be posted on the Creepy Evil Wall of Shame. […]

  2. […] Thank you to all who participated, and please feel free to keep sending in your Creepy Evil photos — as long as they don’t depict child or animal abuse (adult abuse? meh. probably had it coming.) I’ll post them on the Creepy Evil Wall of Shame. […]

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